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Time flies, Owen.




I’ve had 100 conversations with you in my heart since I learned of your anticipated arrival date. I’m picturing what your little face will look like on the day you arrive. I’m watching over your Mama every time she feels a funny feeling, and I’m anxious to feel you move under her young belly every time she visits. I’m watching as your Daddy cries tears of joy when he opens a new gift with your name on it, and knowing that when you get here you’ll experience more love than you can ever imagine.

Oh how time flies though. Wasn’t it just yesterday that we learned you were coming? Here it is almost Thanksgiving and you’re set to come shortly after Christmas. Didn’t your Mommy just grow up herself? Wasn’t your Aunt YaYa just learning to walk? It’s hard sometimes for me to imagine how much life is about to change when you get here. Everything is ready; we have clothes, diapers, wipes, towels, blankets, a car seat, stroller, all the things that tell us “A baby is coming!” On the outside looking in, anyone can see it. They see your Mama smile when you kick, they see your Daddy working so hard at two jobs to prepare a good life for you. They see the pictures of the baby shower, the maternity photos, updates about doctor visits. Everything is in order. Now, we just wait. We wait to kiss your face and welcome you into our world. Your world.

But, time will fly, Owen. In a flash you’ll hold up your tiny little head. In a moment you’ll take your first step. In what will feel like a few days you will celebrate your first birthday. I know this because in my mind, your Mommy is still there. That bright eyed, curly headed little angel with the gumption of an Army General and the spark of a world leader bouncing in her crib, clamoring to get out and make her way. Your Mommy will think in those first few days and weeks that she may never sleep again, but in a decade she’ll long to rock you in her arms the way she is about to for the very first time. We will bookmark that first moment when we hear you cry out with your first breath in this world and remember the sweetness of it when you’re two and have said “NO!” more times than we think we can tolerate.

And time will continue to fly… I’ll turn around one day and see you becoming a young man, a husband, a father. I’ll pray over you and trust that you’ll make good choices. And when you don’t, I’ll continue to love you. You’ll pee on me, bite me, scratch me, vomit on my new shirt, and wipe boogers on my face. You’ll hate me for putting you in time out and throw a temper tantrum when I don’t let you have another cookie, but you’ll always, always know that I love you, and according to my Mama (your Nana), I cannot even yet fathom how much that will be.

So here we go, Owen. Marching through time. For now, stay busy growing and be healthy. Your Mimi loves you.